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University of South Alabama Endowment Fund

Name: University of South Alabama

Assets Under Management: $1.05 Billion (Source: University of South Alabama on 9/30/2014)

Annual Report: University of South Alabama 2014 Financial Report

Portfolio Insights: “The University of South Alabama is a leading comprehensive public university internationally recognized for educational, research, and health care excellence as well as for its positive intellectual, cultural, and economic impact on those it serves.

The investments of the University are invested pursuant to the University of South Alabama “Nonendowment Cash Pool Investment Policies,” the “Endowment Fund Investment Policy,” and the “Derivatives Policy” (collectively referred to as the University Investment Policies) as adopted by the Board of Trustees.” (Source)

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Top University of South Alabama Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) The University of South Alabama’s endowment and other investments had a strong performance over the last fiscal year, showing a 10.43 percent gain, USA’s Board of Trustees learned in its Dec. 5 meeting.

That rate of return, compared to a benchmark of 8.31 percent, gave USA a ranking of 80th out of 812 of all public universities, according to the National Association of College and University Business Officers. The university’s total endowment outperformed the benchmark by 2.12 percent.

The university’s endowment, begun April 1, 2000, is now at $141.9 million. It is a separate endowment from the USA Foundation, which has net assets at $321.2 million as of Sept. 30. (Source)

2) The University of South Alabama in Mobile announces the national search for Dean of the Mitchell College of Business.

This search offers a rare opportunity to spearhead the growth of a heavily endowed, vibrant and contemporary business education enterprise in one of the nation’s most desirable locations. The successful candidate will lead a well-established, AACSB- accredited college that offers high-demand business education programs and supports the dynamic economic climate of the Gulf Coast region’s fast-growing and diverse corporate environment. The next dean will succeed Dr. Carl C. Moore, who has led the college through an era of historic growth since 1988. (Source)

3) The University of South Alabama (USA) is launching a project with Evisions to modernize administrative systems in support of research administration by leveraging Evisions’ Cayuse 424 and Cayuse SP solutions. A critical component of this initiative is maximizing the existing investments in campus IT infrastructure while providing new easy to use software for proposal development and submission. These new solutions will reduce administrative burden so that faculty and researchers can spend more time on investigation. (Source)

4) Donating just over $50 million to the University of South Alabama, Mitchell co-founded the Mitchell Company and has always considered charitable giving a staple of his business practice. Specifically, he asked that half of his donation go towards scholarships. (Source)

5) The University of South Alabama has provided a multimillion dollar investment into the simulation laboratory at the USA Medical Center. This center provides state of the art technical simulations of both basic and complex procedures. It provides the novice with skills and muscle memory so that when their first endoscopy or laparoscopy is performed on a living patient, they will have at least practiced these techniques beforehand. (Source)

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