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University of Pennsylvania Endowment Fund

Name: Penn Office of Investments

Assets Under Management:  $6.7 Billion (Source: CBS News)

Portfolio Allocation Insights:

“The endowment’s value grew to $7.7 billion from $6.8 billion the previous year, the Philadelphia-based Ivy League school said today in a statement. The investment gains were driven by the performance of equity markets and the university’s absolute-return portfolio, it said.” Source

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Contact Details:  For complete contact details for the University of Pennsylvania Endowment Fund investment staff please access your copy of our Endowment Database.

Top University of Pennsylvania Endowment Fund Headlines:

Endowment passes $7 billion mark: Penn’s investment returns were one of the University’s strongest recent performances (Source)

University of Pennsylvania Reports 14.4% Investment Return (Source)

University of Pennsylvania Endowment Rises 13% on Credit, Stock Holdings (Source)

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