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University of Montana Foundation Endowment Fund

Name: UM Foundation’s Investment Committee

Assets Under Management: $187.1 Million (Source: University of Montana Foundation on 6/30/2013)

Annual Report: The University of Montana Foundation Financial Report June 30, 2013 and 2012

Portfolio Insights: “The University of Montana Foundation is a nonprofit corporation incorporated under the laws of Montana. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and support the University of Montana. The activities of the Foundation include fund-raising and administration of donated assets.

The Foundation has significant investments in stocks, bonds and alternative investments, and is therefore subject to the impact of material fluctuations on the market value of these investments. In vestments are made primarily by investment managers engaged by the Foundation with the guidance of an investment consultant. The investments are monitored by management and the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees.” (Source)

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Top University of Montana Foundation Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) The University of Montana Foundation raised $8.5 million less in fiscal year 2010, but with the investment market rebounding and strong continued support from its donor base, the nonprofit is optimistic about the future.

The UM Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the university, raised $14.1 million in fiscal 2010 – down from $22.6 million in FY 2009.

As are many universities nationwide, UM’s Foundation is crawling back from a year defined by a volatile stock market, investment losses and a decreased operating budget. The foundation last year reported a loss in its investment portfolio of 19.7 percent, or $22.2 million.

At the same time, fiscal year 2009 was a banner year in terms of fundraising, thanks in part to the continued momentum from the university’s five-year, $131 million capital campaign. (Source)

2) The mission of the University of Montana Foundation is to ensure The University of Montana’s excellence, access, and afford ability through a public/private funding partnership. (Source)

3) Hedge fund founder Renée Haugerud works in a corner office of the landmarked Beaux Arts Scribner Building on New York City’s busy Fifth Avenue. But the ideas that brought her here are rooted in a tiny log cabin near Montana’s Blackfoot River, surrounded by groves of larches, Douglas firs, lodgepoles, and ponderosa pines.

“I think every lesson in trading,” says Haugerud, who graduated in 1980 from the University of Montana School of Forestry and is now the chief investment officer of Galtere, Ltd., “you can learn from nature.”

Haugerud has managed assets worth a billion dollars. One of three funds she oversees, Galtere International Master Fund, has for the past fifteen years averaged annual returns of more than 12 percent—better than other Wall Street funds many times older and more famous. She accomplished this, notably, in an industry where 97 percent of hedge funds are run by men. (Source)

4) Dr. Brown is Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Montana-Missoula. From 2008-2010 he served as Associate Provost for Graduate Education, and from 1994-2010 he was Dean and Professor, College of Forestry and Conservation, and Director of the Montana Forest and Conservation Experiment Station. He has considerable expertise in natural resource social science, policy and planning, recreation behavior and planning, and wilderness studies. His Ph.D. is from Utah State University and emphasized outdoor recreation and social psychology. A lifelong resident of the western United States, he has served on the faculties of Utah State University, Colorado State University, and Oregon State University, in addition to the University of Montana. (Source)

5) The University of Montana-Missoula pursues academic excellence as demonstrated by the quality of curriculum and instruction, student performance, and faculty professional accomplishments. The University accomplishes this mission, inpart, by providing unique educational experiences through the integration of the liberal arts, graduate study, and professional training with international and interdisciplinary emphases. The University also educates competent and humane professionals and informed, ethical, and engaged citizens of local and global communities; and provides basic and applied research, technology transfer, cultural outreach, and service benefiting the local community, region, State, nation, and world. (Source)

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