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University of Miami Endowment Fund

Name: University of Miami

Assets Under Management: $1.52 Billion (Source: University of Miami on 6/30/2013)

Annual Report: 2013 President’s Report

Portfolio Insights: “The story of our evolution from the struggling but scrappy “Cardboard College” to the powerhouse internationally recognized as “The U” is extraordinary. Equal parts determination, perspiration, and inspiration, there is a fourth element—the unwavering vision that we have a “rendezvous with greatness,” as late President Henry King Stanford once declared—that has sustained our spirit and focus when the other elements might have been in short supply. UM’s tenacious belief in its inevitable greatness fueled an ambitious trajectory, continuously evolving from one of possibility to one of potential and finally to one of realization. Today our capacity to transform potential into progress is being powered by Momentum2: The Breakthrough Campaign for the University of Miami.” (Source)

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Top University of Miami Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) The University of Miami has raised more than $1 billion in its fundraising campaign as President Donna Shalala seeks to bolster medical research and increase financial aid and faculty at Florida’s top-rated college. Since January 2008, the school has received 124 donations of more than $1 million as it targets $1.6 billion by 2016, Shalala said in a phone interview from the Coral Gables campus. The single largest gift, $100 million, came from the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation after Shalala expanded medical- research programs and opened a biomedical institute in 2009.

“We’ve done what we told our donors we’d do, and that’s become a world-class research institute,” said Shalala, who headed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton. Enhancements to the university’s medical campus have “made a big difference in this campaign.” (Source)

2) The University of Miami performed well on the financial side during its 2014 fiscal year, with growth in operating income, revenue and donations. The nonprofit university had $180.5 million in net income on $2.58 billion in revenue for the fiscal year ended May 31, according to a report to its bondholders. That’s compared to $220 million in net income on $2.52 billion in revenue the year before. The previous year benefited from non-operating accounting gains. UM’s operating profits improved to $31.1 million from $6.2 million. That’s the highest operating profit UM has posted in the past five years. (Source)

3) The Woman’s Cancer Association of the University of Miami has four goals that have remained constant since its inception in 1959. These include educating the community, disseminating information on cancer advances, earning and distributing funds to agencies engaged in cancer welfare, and working in other fields that assist and promote cancer control. They have raised over $10 million for research at the University of Miami.

The WCA supports cancer research at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and supports physicians and scientists who treat both pediatric and adult patients. One of the organization’s highlights of the last 40 years has been the establishment of the Pearl M. and Edwin L. Powell Woman’s Cancer Association Endowment Fund. Cancer research programs at Sylvester are funded by interest generated from the endowment. (Source)

4) The University of Miami Office of Financial Assistance works closely with all students in assisting them with securing adequate resources for their educational needs. Current programs available include the Graduate Student Loan (GSL up to $8,500 per year), the Supplemental Loan Program (SLP up to $10,000 additional), and the PLUS Loan (up to $4,000 additional, but with a higher interest rate). Additionally, there are work-study programs and other graduate assistantships throughout the university available on a competitive basis. Alumni and minority scholarships of $1,000-$3,000 are offered to students on a competitive basis in all years of study through an endowment fund. (Source)

5) As part of the U.S. Olympic Committee, University of Miami alumnus Michael “Pete” Piechoski, BBA ’76, knows a thing or two about teamwork. His generous $3.625 million gift to UM reflects that spirit of cooperation and inclusion, providing support to a number of programs and academic units.

The gift provides support to the university by creating three endowment funds: Piechoski Family Endowed Graduate Business Fellowship Fund; Piechoski Family Endowed Graduate Engineering Fellowship Fund, and Piechoski Study Abroad Endowed Fund.

The gift, which is part of Momentum2: The Breakthrough Campaign for the University of Miami, also will support the Student Athlete Excellence Fund and the Undergraduate Education Gift Fund. (Source)

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