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Trinity University Endowment Fund

Name: Trinity University

Assets Under Management: $1.31 Billion (Source: Trinity University on 6/30/2013)

Annual Report: Trinity University Financial Statements: 2012–2013

Portfolio Insights: “Trinity University completed its 144th academic year on May 31, 2013. As financial markets continued to heal from the recent recession, the University positioned itself to capitalize on opportunities ahead by building on its long history of conservative financial management, operational effectiveness and long-term vision. In May 2013, the Board of Trustees approved in principle a new and ambitious strategic plan. The University has begun the process of aligning resources to support the plan’s objectives and to fine-tune implementation plans for various strategic initiatives. The latter will allow Trinity to re-envision its unique brand: blending its long history of excellence in the liberal arts with a strong natural sciences program and select professional programs. Toward this end, the faculty is restructuring the core curriculum to build inter-disciplinary environments for new and more effective kinds of learning.” (Source)

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Top Trinity University Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) On February 17, 1998, the Trinity University Board of Trustees approved the allocation of $500,000 of the University endowment fund to be managed by students in a new finance class—Student Managed Fund. Additional allocations of the University endowment made in early 2005 and 2011 brought the principal of the fund to $3 million. The current market value of the fund is more than $4 million. (Source)

2) Jun 29, 2012 – Trinity University offers the option of a close-knit small liberal arts college right in Texas. With an endowment of $975 million, Trinity has tremendous amounts of money for such a small school. To put it in perspective, Trinity’s student population is about 2,700 with an endowment of $975 million while Baylor University has an endowment of $1.004 billion for about 15,000 students.

Even though the cost for Trinity University is steep, at $31,356 for tuition and $10,966 for room and board, the large endowment allows for the majority of student to receive some sort of financial aid. A whopping 86% of students receive some sort of aid, whether it be merit or need based. While 52.8% percent of the student body applies for need-based aid, the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $19,487. This cuts down the cost of a small private school education to about half, making the cost very competitive with state-schools. Another area that saves money is the application process. Trinity University is one of the few institutions that does not have an application fee when applying online. Unfortunately, if you’re old fashion and insist on mailing your application, there’s a $50 fee. (Source)

3) Leeds Trinity was awarded university title in December 2012, following which it changed its name from Leeds Trinity University College to Leeds Trinity University. This new status will further enhance recognition particularly internationally, assist student recruitment and improve opportunities to form educational partnerships. (Source)

4) Trinity University is committed to sustainability through a formal plan, and a strategic plan that includes sustainability is currently under development. Two committees and several staff members address environmental initiatives on campus, and the school buys some Energy Star products, some environmentally preferable paper items, and exclusively EPEAT-certified computers. (Source)

5) Trinity University is a Presbyterian affiliated school that probably deserves more attention from students around the country. And while people outside of Texas have probably heard of the Baptist-affiliated Baylor University and the obviously Methodist-affiliated Southern Methodist University due to their nationally ranked sports programs, probably very few have heard of Abilene Christian University (Church of Christ) or LeTourneau University (nondenominational). (Source)

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