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Syracuse University Endowment Fund

Name: Syracuse University Giving

Assets Under Management: $2.4 Billion (Source: Syracuse University on 6/30/2013)

Annual Report: Syracuse University 2013 Financial Report

Portfolio Insights: “Fiscal year 2013 financial results and end of year financial position were in harmony with the university’s financial plans, and reflect the forward looking, well-managed coordinated planning and oversight of revenue generation, spending, liquidity, and debt management.

The University’s student population, which includes representation from every U.S. state and approximately 130 countries, continues to grow both in academic excellence and in diversity. Since fiscal year 2003, the total of undergraduate, graduate and law student enrollments has increased from approximately 18,600 students to approximately 21,000 students in fiscal year 2013. The 13% planned increase equates to more than 2,400 additional students in the University’s schools and colleges.” (Source)

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Top Syracuse University Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Syracuse University is one of the oldest independent universities in the US and was founded in 1870 as a private, coeducational institution offering programmes in the physical sciences and modern languages. It now offers a broad array of programs to more than 18,000 students through its 11 schools and Colleges. The university is located in Syracuse, New York. (Source)

2) Syracuse University has a formal sustainability policy, and the master plan includes a sustainability component. The Campus Sustainability Committee has developed a climate action plan and a green building policy, and Sustainability at SU devotes time to improving recycling, composting, and conservation on campus. A full-time sustainability coordinator and several other staff members work to implement sustainability initiatives. (Source)

3) Syracuse University was founded in 1870 by the combination of Genesee College and Geneva Medical College. Kappa Theta was organized on November 29, 1920. On June 9, 1925, the fraternity was installed as Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi. Grand Junior President Benjamin Clarke, Michigan ’10, was the installing officer; Stephen Toadvine, Cornell ’19 was toastmaster and became advisor to the new chapter. The chapter house was at 202 E. Walnut Place, Syracuse, throughout its existence. (Source)

4) The Syracuse University Investment Club is a General Partnership in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and our official broker. We primarily serve as a hands-on learning vehicle for club members. We invest in both debt and equity financial markets. Our main purpose is not to maximize profits, but to learn through general meetings how the financial markets work and to share our passion with the Syracuse University community. The Syracuse University Investment Club is open to all full-time Syracuse University undergraduate and graduate students from any of the separate colleges of the University. (Source)

5) Syracuse University has chosen to diversify its student body and invest in a more equitable future. At a time when many universities cling tenaciously to the inward-looking measures celebrated by the U.S. News & World Report college ranking, Syracuse has recruited more low-income students and students of color over the past decade. Its outreach extends to prospects in local communities as well as from cities farther afield, including Miami and Los Angeles. (Source)

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