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St. Edward’s University Endowment Fund

Name: St. Edward’s University

Assets Under Management: $264.4 Million (Source: St. Edward’s University on 6/30/2007)

Annual Report: St. Edward’s University, Inc. Consolidated Financial Statements as of and for the Years Ended June 30, 2007 and 2006

Portfolio Insights: “St. Edward’s University, Inc., (the “University”), founded in 1885 by the Congregation of Holy Cross, is a nonprofit Catholic institution located in Austin, Texas. The University offers classes that lead to bachelors and masters degrees and is accredited by the Commission on College of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The University’s endowment funds are maintained in an investment pool, which is utilized on a market value basis, with each participant subscribing to or disposing of units on the basis of the market value per unit at the end of the month. Income and gains/losses are distributed to each endowment based on the number of shares held.” (Source)

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Top St. Edward’s University Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) The St. Edward’s University endowment pools together donors’ and institutional investments. The invested amount, called a corpus, is never expended so that the endowment will remain in perpetuity — and the university’s fiscally responsible spending policy helps to ensure that market gains continue to significantly impact students’ educational experiences.

As St. Edward’s reputation increases, we increasingly compete with universities that have significantly larger endowments, which allow them to offer more generous financial aid packages for the most sought-after students, more professional development programs that attract talented faculty, and more innovative programming. A larger endowment will provide a long-term source of funding so that we may continue to provide competitive services for talented students. Benefactors who support the endowment help today’s Hilltoppers while also sustaining the hallmarks of our Holy Cross educational tradition for future generations: personalized attention, values-based learning opportunities, and global awareness. (Source)

2) Feb. 14, 2013 – St. Edward’s University today announces a cash gift of $20 million that will provide scholarships for up to 150 students per year. The generous gift, provided by Pat and Bill Munday of Austin, is the largest single gift in the university’s history.

“Through their extraordinary generosity and commitment to providing young men and women educational opportunity, Bill and Pat Munday have made it possible for St. Edward’s to continue its mission of providing talented students access to higher education no matter what their financial circumstances,” said George E. Martin, president of St. Edward’s University.

The $20 million cash gift provides an immediate infusion to the university’s endowment resulting in a 38% growth, and raising the endowment to $76.8 million. The new scholarship awards will be approximately 25% of tuition. It is estimated that between 125 and 150 students annually will benefit from the new scholarship funds. (Source)

3) A major St. Edward’s University fundraising campaign is near its goal. The campaign, announced in February, has raised $75.3 million toward its goal of $100 million, according to University Advancement.

“You tend not to announce to a lot of people until you have a certain degree of confidence that you will succeed,” Vice President for University Advancement Michael Larkin said, explaining why the university chose to announce the campaign seven years after they began it.

The campaign began in 2007 when the Office of University Advancement actually started counting toward this goal. The campaign has three major fundraising portions: annual operating support, capital projects and endowment growth.

Larkin and Joe DeMederios, the associate vice president of University Development, are the heads of University Advancement at St. Edward’s, where they work specifically to grow the university’s endowment. Despite misconceptions, the donors they work with aren’t just writing checks.

“The biggest myth is people think that we call somebody on the phone and ask them to write a check. We have phone-a-thon students who, in fact, do that. That’s not what we do,” Larkin said. (Source)

4) As international borders dissolve and technology and media explode daily, the mission of St. Edward’s University and a Holy Cross education continue to transcend the times. The tectonic shifts of a global, interconnected world will require thoughtful minds, caring hearts and clarity of leadership. The value of a St. Edward’s University Catholic, liberal arts education and its ability to instill the critical skills that flex, bend and weather life’s tests has never been more apparent.

St. Edward’s University is an independent Catholic university that welcomes qualified students of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs and serves a culturally diverse student body. The university’s undergraduate programs achieve a balance among the humanities, the sciences and the professions. These programs seek to make graduates competent in a chosen discipline and to help them understand and appreciate the contributions of other disciplines. Graduate and professional development programs prepare individuals to further their life goals and to take advantage of more challenging employment opportunities. (Source)

5) Recognized among the nation’s best Catholic universities and colleges, and as one of “America’s Best Colleges,” St. Edward’s University stands distinctively as a top liberal arts university, with partner universities in 11 countries.

The Congregation of Holy Cross founded St. Edward’s more than a century ago, encouraging students to think critically, act ethically, embrace diversity, strive for social justice and recognize their responsibility to the world community. These traits, combined with challenging academic programs in the arts, sciences and humanities, distinguish a top liberal arts university, and prepare students for success and deep personal fulfillment. (Source)

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