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St. Bonaventure University Endowment Fund

Name: Endowment – St. Bonaventure University

Assets Under Management: $136.8 Million (Source: St. Bonaventure University on 5/31/2010)

Annual Report: St. Bonaventure University Financial Statements May 31, 2010

Portfolio Insights: “St. Bonaventure University (the “University”) is an independent, coeducational university in the Franciscan tradition offering undergraduate programs through its Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and Journalism and Mass Communication. Investments in cash equivalents, equity and fixed income securities are stated at fair valu e as determined by quoted prices i n active markets. Alternative investments consist of limited partnerships ( private equity) a nd include o ther similar pooled investment vehicles managed by independent portfolio managers that employ diverse, alternative investment strategies across a variety of asset classes.

The University classifies monies that are expected to be utilized within one year as investments. Endowment and annuity investments are classified as long-term investments because donor restrictions require the corpus to be invested in perpetuity.” (Source)

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Top St. Bonaventure University Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) The endowment fund at Niagara University plunged 25.5 percent in one year during the worst of the economic storm. The same combination – decent investment returns and donor gifts – had a similar impact on the endowment fund managed by St. Bonaventure University. The institution’s fund grew 19.4 percent from FY 2010 to FY 2011, with an investment return of 17.2 percent, said Brenda McGee, senior vice president for finance and administration. St. Bonaventure typically spends about 5 percent of its endowment every year, calculating the exact number based on the fund’s three-year rolling average. The money goes toward hundreds of endowed student scholarships, as well as academic programs. (Source)

2) St. Bonaventure University and Hilbert College have embarked on a study that will take a hard look at the future relationship of the two Franciscan schools, including the potential for some type of merger.

St. Bonaventure President Sister Margaret Carney and Hilbert President Cynthia Zane on Tuesday announced that the schools will explore how they might grow their more than 20-year history of working together with “some form of further strategic alliance.”

Both presidents shied away from the word merger, because it is too early to speculate on where the relationship might go or what it might look like.

But it is clear both schools are interested in developing a more significant partnership and creating a better economic model given the mounting pressures facing higher education. (Source)

3) St. Bonaventure University’s new business center will be named the William E. & Ann L. Swan Business Center after Ann L. Swan and her husband, the late William E. Swan. Mrs. Swan has pledged US$3 million gift to St. Bonaventure’s School of Business Campaign.(Source)

4) Margaret Carney is the 20th President of St. Bonaventure University — a position she has held since 2004.

Prior to being inaugurated, Sr. Margaret served as the dean and director of the Franciscan Institute of St. Bonaventure. The Institute operates a center for research and textual scholarship in the field of Franciscan/medieval theology, history and philosophy and a school that educates leaders for the various branches of the Franciscan religious orders in the Catholic Church.

She holds master’s degrees from Duquesne University (theology) and St. Bonaventure University (Franciscan Studies) and her doctorate (theology) was awarded by the Franciscan university of Rome — the Pontifical University “Antonianum.” (Source)

5) Dr. Michael Fischer, St. Bonaventure University provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, announced a reorganization in the division of Academic Affairs that aligns information technology and library services.

Dr. Michael Hoffman, formerly executive director of Information Technology, has been promoted to the role of associate provost and chief information officer, expanding his scope of responsibility to include the Friedsam Memorial Library and the Holy Name Library for the Franciscan Institute.

Paul Spaeth, director of Friedsam Memorial Library, assumes the additional role of director of Special Collections. Ann Tenglund, formelry associate director of library computer services, information literacy instruction and Curriculum Center librarian, has been promoted to associate director of libraries.

“This change follows a recommendation from the IT and Libraries Task Force of 2010 that recommended further aligning these areas, which is considered a best practice today in higher education,” said Fischer. (Source)

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