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Simon Fraser University Endowment Fund

Name:SFU Investment Office

Assets Under Management: $263.2 Billion (Source: Simon Fraser University on 3/31/2014)

Annual Report: Simon Fraser University Annual Financial Report March 31, 2014

Portfolio Insights: “SFU is committed to being Canada’s most community-engaged research university. The university’s community connections are an integral part of its educational and research missions, and our campuses have contributed in a substantial way to the development and enrichment of the communities they serve. Our passion for community engagement has produced a variety of exciting initiatives such as SFU Public Square, SFU Woodward’s cultural programs, and the new SFU Surrey -TD Community Engagement Centre.” (Source)

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Top Simon Fraser University Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Simon Fraser University is one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities.  It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide range of disciplines.  Hellenic Studies at SFU is an interdisciplinary field of study comprising courses in language, literature, history, philosophy and culture, covering the periods of Hellenism from antiquity to present day. SFU has had long-term relationships with many universities in China, engaging with them in various programs, including student exchanges and field schools. (Source)

2) Groups at both the University of B.C. and Simon Fraser University are pushing for the schools to divest their endowment funds of investments in the oil and gas industry. The campaigns are part of a growing movement across the country that saw the Concordia University Foundation in Montreal announce last week a partial re-investment of $5 million of its assets into sustainable investments that don’t include fossil fuels, weapons or tobacco.

Opponents of divestment argue that resource-sector jobs could suffer and students will pay higher tuition fees because the return on investment will not be as high in a portfolio that doesn’t include oil and gas assets. Proponents argue that divestment is the right thing to do to lessen society’s dependence on oil and gas consumption, and say studies show that returns can be as good or better in a divested portfolio. (Source)

3) Simon Fraser University business student Mike Yeung likens the status of Bitcoin to that of the Internet in the early 1990s. Although many people have heard of the headline-grabbing digital currency, they aren’t sure what to make of it—never mind how to use it.

Yeung told the Georgia Straight he’s optimistic that SFU will give Bitcoin a boost toward mainstream adoption by becoming the first university in Canada to accept the cryptocurrency on its campuses. The Vancouver resident believes this would grant Bitcoin “a bit more legitimacy” while giving the university the “wow factor” it needs to stand out from the pack. (Source)

4) Aug 28, 2014 – Simon Fraser University (SFU) became the first Canadian university to accept bitcoin today, announcing it will now take donations in digital currency. Founded in 1965, the British Columbia-based university boasts more than 35,000 students, and was recently named as one of the top global universities under 150 years old.

Simon Fraser Bitcoin Club president Mike Yeung, who together with SFU alumnus Scott Nelson provided the first bitcoin donation to the school, explained that bitcoin is a way for the university to bolster its perception as a forward-thinking institution. (Source)

5) For almost 20 years, Simon Fraser University is named after a famous explorer and known for its pioneering spirit.  Spanning many disciplines in eight faculties, SFU offers more than 100 undergraduate major and joint major programs and more than 45 graduate offerings as well as career-related programs offered through the department of lifelong learning in management, business, technical writing, editing, public relations, and digital communication. (Source)

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