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Seattle Pacific University Endowment Fund

Name: Seattle Pacific Foundation Office

Assets Under Management: $246.7 Million (Source: Seattle Pacific University on 6/30/2012)

Annual Report: Seattle Pacific University Audited Financial Statements Year Ending June 30, 2012

Portfolio Insights: “Seattle Pacific University is a Christian private nonprofit institution of higher education based in Seattle, Washington, that has a vision to “engage the culture and change the world”. The University offers degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students through the College of Arts and Sciences and the schools of Business and Economics; Education; Health Sciences; Theology; and Psychology, Family and Community.

The University’s endowment consists of funds established for a variety of purposes. Its endowment includes both donor-restricted endowment funds and funds designated by the Board of Trustees to function as endowments (quasi-endowments). As required by accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (GAAP), net assets associated with endowment funds, including quasi-endowments, are classified and reported based on the existence or absence of donor-imposed restrictions.” (Source)

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Top Seattle Pacific University Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Since 1991, Donald W. Mortenson has served as, first, president and now vice chair of the Seattle Pacific Foundation. He is responsible for the Foundation’s investment management and oversight of the Seattle Pacific University Endowment and Charitable Trust Portfolio with over $95 million in assets. Don earned both a BS in Math and Economics (1971) and an MBA (1988) from Seattle Pacific. He also completed The Endowment Institute training at Harvard University Graduate School of Business. (Source)

2) Gordon Nygard serves as treasurer and chief investment officer of the Seattle Pacific Foundation, and is responsible for the Foundation’s investment management of the University’s Endowment and Charitable Trust portfolios. He has earned both a BA in Business Administration and Economics (1973) and an MBA (2005) from Seattle Pacific, and has completed The Endowment Institute training at Harvard University Graduate School of Business. (Source)

3) Each year, senior nursing students from Seattle Pacific University engage in community health projects, partnering with various organizations in the greater Seattle area. One group of students worked with the WAVE Foundation to take leadership in facilitating and developing a project defined by the organization as a need of critical importance. Some allied health care professionals may not feel confident in their ability to assess and provide resources to clients experiencing domestic violence. Through research and collaboration with WAVE and other community resources, these students developed a short educational video aimed at allied health professionals who may encounter these clients. This video project provides essential assessment questions and follow-up resources to help health care professionals gain confidence in screening clients who may be at-risk for or experiencing domestic violence. (Source)

4) Seattle Pacific University is a place where 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students gain a superb education grounded on the gospel of Jesus Christ — and the tools to influence the world for good. Outstanding scholarship and thoughtful faith is a powerful combination that brings about change in the lives of graduates, and in the people and communities they go on to serve. (Source)

5) President Daniel J. Martin, Seattle Pacific University’s 10th president in 121 years, came to SPU after serving as a university administrator and president for 18 years. “I consider SPU one of the nation’s great Christian universities,” he says. “When the opportunity to apply for its presidency arose, it was a natural for me.” (Source)

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