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Saginaw Valley State University Foundation Endowment Fund

Name: Saginaw Valley State University Foundation

Assets Under Management: $391.1 Million (Source: Saginaw Valley State University Foundation on 6/30/2014)

Annual Report: Saginaw Valley State University Foundation Audited Financial Statements June 30, 2014

Portfolio Insights: “The University’s largest asset is its investment in capital assets, including land, land improvements and infrastructure, buildings, equipment, library acquisitions, construction in progress, and works of fine art. Capital assets represent 78% of the University’s total assets. Notes and bonds payable totaled $121.6 million at June 30, 2014. This represents 77% of the University’s total liabilities.

The Foundation recognizes that, over the long term, equity investments provide the best opportunity to achieve the objectives and goals of the Endowment Fund. However, a degree of diversification in other forms of investments is prudent.” (Source)

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Top Saginaw Valley State University Foundation Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) The SVSU Foundation is launching an aggressive fund-raising initiative in association with the 50th anniversary of the university, and SBWP is one of the special funds that could be selected for donation by prospective alumni donors. Not only has this endowment fund raised a little over $2,000 in one year, it has helped to imbed the SBWP more firmly in the institution. (Source)

2) The Saginaw Valley State University Foundation has completed its “Promise for Tomorrow” fundraising campaign, collecting more than $23 million. That total exceeds the goal of $20 million set when the campaign began in 2005. The campaign attracted several major endowments, such as:

* $3 million from Dr. E. Malcolm Field to create two new endowed chair positions: the Clifford Spicer Chair in Engineering, currently occupied by Alan Freed, who specializes in health and medical devices; and the Malcolm and Lois Field Chair in Health Science, soon to be occupied by Jeffrey Smith, who specializes in the study of brain injuries and the central nervous system. Both teach in the classroom and provide extraordinary research opportunities for students.

* $2 million from the Herbert H. And Grace A. Dow Foundation to establish an Entrepreneurship Institute and endow an entrepreneur-in-residence position, currently occupied by Ken Kousky.

* $1.5 million from the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation to establish the Gerstacker Fellowship, which provides leadership training to select K-12 educators.

* $1.5 million from the Harvey Randall Wickes Foundation to establish the Braun Fellowship, a unique partnership where the Saginaw Community Foundation administers funds to recognize the exceptional accomplishments and potential of select SVSU faculty and staff. It is named in honor of Ruth and Ted Braun of Saginaw. (Source)

3) The SVSU Foundation  has formed a Theodore Roethke Memorial Endowment to help fund the growing festival, the prize itself and the establishment of a  Roethke scholar-in-residence program. The dinner may cultivate prospective donors. The endowment hopes to raise $500,000 by 2014. (Source)

4) The SVSU Foundation’s investment committee will now be serving in an advisory capacity to the SVSU Board of Control on investment decisions.

Investment oversight will be transferred from SVSU vice president of business affairs James G. Muladore’s office.
Mr. Muladore says that the foundation committee’s experience in fund raising for endowments made it a good choice in advising the board.

“The investment decisions of the foundation committee will be in compliance with the board and the board will make the final decision on investments,” he said. (Source)

5) The mission of the SVSU Foundation is to generate and cultivate a community of enthusiastic and loyal donors who contribute to the development of a premier university of outstanding students.

The Saginaw Valley State University Foundation was established in 1977 as a separate legal entity to function as the fund-raising arm of Saginaw Valley State University. Its purpose is to provide support for SVSU in order to assist in the accomplishment of the educational purposes of the University. (Source)

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