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Rush University Medical Center Endowment Fund

Name: Rush University Medical Center

Assets Under Management: $633 Million (Source: Rush University Medical Center on 6/30/2013)

Annual Report: Rush University Medical Center’s FY2013 Financial Report

Portfolio Insights: “Fiscal year 2013 marked a year of growth and financial stability for Rush following the opening of our new state-of-the-art Tower hospital facility the preceding year. Consistently strong financial performance and prudent financial management are essential for Rush to continue to fulfill our mission each and every day. During FY2013, Rush experienced sustained operating profitability, growth in volumes and revenues, and improved liquidity following completion of the largest phase of our campus transformation effort during FY2012. Rush’s strong financial performance has been recognized with improvement in our bond rating, which is currently A2/A/A+ from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch, respectively.

Rush’s operating income — the best measure of Rush’s financial performance — was $60 million during FY2013, at an operating margin of 3.9 percent. For the ninth consecutive year, this operating performance exceeded Rush’s financial targets, which have an underlying objective of achieving a return that will allow the institution to invest to fund future obligations and reinvest in our facilities and core activities of patient care, research, education and community service.” (Source)

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Top Rush University Medical Center Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) May 26, 2011 – The $433 million Rush University Medical Center endowment is looking to diversify its portfolio by reducing its reliance on traditional equity to generate returns. The Chicago-based hospital is looking to increase its hedge fund allocation, may add non-core strategies such as high-yield bond to its fixed-income allocation, and is beginning to consider inflation protection strategies. A number of possibilities is being evaluated and will likely be implemented during this calendar year, said CIO Patricia Steeves O’Neil. Rush will make a modest increase in hedge funds, with funding coming from domestic equity. She added that Rush will likely employ fund of funds managers it already uses, including Aurora Funds and Evanston Capital Management. The hospital will also look into diversifying its bond allocation because of the low interest rate environment, O’Neil said. (Source)

2) May 17, 2005 – Chicago-area business man John M. Boler and his wife, Mary Jo, have given $20 million to Rush University Medical Center to create what will be one of the most advanced imaging centers in the country to better diagnose and treat patients for everything from heart attacks to cancers. The imaging centers will be located in new hospital and ambulatory care facilities that will be built in the coming years as part of the complete redevelopment of the medical center’s near-West Side campus.

The Boler gift is the largest single donation to Rush since its founding in 1837, and one of the largest gifts ever to a Chicago-area hospital. The new imaging centers will be named The Mary Jo and John Boler Centers for Advanced Imaging. (Source)

3) May 21, 2005 – Rush University Medical Center in Chicago has announced a $20 million gift from John M. Boler and his wife, Mary Jo, to create imaging centers to better diagnose and treat patients for everything from heart attacks to cancers.

The new facility, which will be named the Mary Jo and John Boler Centers for Advanced Imaging in honor of the couple’s gift, will be located in new hospital and ambulatory care units that will be built in the coming years as part of the center’s redevelopment plan. The gift also will establish an endowment fund in the Bolers’ name to ensure that Rush is able to take full advantage of the rapid evolution of the science and technology of imaging. (Source)

4) Rush University Medical Center is one of the top-ranked nursing colleges in the US and offers graduate programs in allied health, health systems management and biomedical research. The Rush University Medical Center Endowment provides a permanent source of annual support for Rush’s patient care, research, education, and community outreach missions. (Source)

5) Rush University Medical Center in Chicago has assembled a core team of doctors, nurses and technicians who would provide care to any Ebola patients the hospital might receive. They received hands-on training Thursday on the correct use of the highest level of protective equipment. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is one of several U.S. airports where travelers from the affected West African countries arrive and are being screened for fever. (Source)

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