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Queen’s University Endowment Fund

Name: Pooled Endowment Fund – Queen’s University

Assets Under Management: $787.5 Million (Source: Queen’s University on 30/6/2014)

Annual Report: 12-13 Financial Statements – Queen’s University

Portfolio Insights: “Queen’s University at Kingston is Canada’s quintessential balanced academy. Along with delivering a transformative learning experience for undergraduate and graduate students, Queen’s is home to a substantial community of researchers who make remarkable contributions to their disciplines and to the local and global communities in which they are active. These financial statements report on Queen’s consolidated activities over the 2012-13 fiscal year.

They reflect the university’s commitment to careful stewardship in the face of fiscal challenges. While the Consolidated Statement of Operations reports a $67 million excess of revenues over expenses, the greatest part of this surplus is the result of strong performance of investments held both by the university and the Queen’s Pension Plan.” (Source)

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Top Queen’s University Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) The Board of Trustees has the overall responsibility for the management of the investment funds of Queen’s University. To help ensure that its investment responsibilities are met, the Board has appointed a Pension Committee and an Investment Committee – the latter having responsibility for the Pooled Endowment Fund and the Pooled Investment Fund. Each committee has developed a Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (“SIP&P”) with the objective of ensuring continued prudent and effective management of the fund(s) under its mandate. (Source)

2) The Investment Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees concerning the management of the investment funds of the University (Queen’s Pooled Endowment Fund, Queen’s Pooled Investment Fund, Queen’s Short-term Fund) and other funds as requested by the Board of Trustees. (Source)

3) Roger Casgrain is a member of the board of directors of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.  He is also member of the Debt Markets Committee of the Investment Industry Association of Canada and a member of the Investment Commitee of Queen’s University’s Endowment Fund.  Former director of the Investment Regulatory Organization of Canada and CanPX. (Source)

4) The Queen’s University Investment Counsel (QUIC) is an investment club for students at that institution. From 2003 to 2010, the club’s mock portfolio outperformed its benchmark by a cumulative 24 per cent. In 2010, a real portfolio was launched and has since outperformed the S&P/TSX composite by 13 per cent. The current value is just over $600,000, up from contributions of $500,000 from the Queen’s School of Business and $40,000 in member contributions. (Source)

5) Queen’s University is an established institution bringing about transformational change in education, research and business. Every £1m the University puts into the economy generates a further £1.38m in economic activity. Your gift can help preserve our history through securing important collections and supporting future generations of students, irrespective of their financial background. (Source)

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