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Pepperdine University Endowment Fund

Name: Pepperdine University

Assets Under Management: $716 Million (Source: Pepperdine University on 6/30/2013)

Annual Report: Pepperdine Annual Report 2013

Portfolio Insights: “We have heard the theme often in the last several years, providing clear purpose to our efforts in the Campaign for Pepperdine. As I review successes of 2013, I know our University leaders, donors, friends, faculty, and staff, are doing just that. Thanks to the more than $400 million raised toward our $450 million campaign goal, we are creating a new generation of alumni that is boldly taking its quest for knowledge and passion for service to soaring new heights.

Indeed, “changing lives” is much more than a turn of phrase—it’s inspiration driving action. In 2013, for example, we added millions of dollars in scholarship funding across our five schools, received a transformative commitment to endow the Center for the Arts, and further developed new programming and assets in our University Libraries. We also received resources for faculty chairs and professorships, and we continued enhancements to campus facilities at home and abroad, including plans for a much-needed remodel to Moore Haus, our international campus in Heidelberg.” (Source)

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Top Pepperdine University Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) May 17, 1996 – The $200 million Pepperdine University endowment fund, Malibu, Calif., is searching for alternative investment managers, said Charles J. Pippin, treasurer. The alternative areas include hedge funds, risk arbitrage and distressed securities. He said the fund will hire on an opportunistic basis. The fund hopes to allocate 20% of its total assets to the area. It now has 14% in investment alternatives. (Source)

2) Pepperdine University’s sustainability policy expresses a commitment to managing resources in a responsible manner. The university employs two full-time staff in the Center for Sustainability who are responsible for managing campus sustainability programs and educating the local community. Energy Star and EPEAT computers are purchased by the university. (Source)

3) California-based Pepperdine University’s endowment is currently planning new allocations as it looks to invest $6 million to $24 million in three to four hedge funds, focusing on macro and CTA strategies,” an analysis by Preqin found.

When opting between direct investments and hedge fund of funds, 34% of US endowments invest solely through hedge funds of funds, 33% invest directly, and 33% use a combination of the two methods, according to the research. While hedge fund of funds remain popular with smaller endowment plans to gain quick exposure, long/short equity remains the most popular hedge fund strategy overall, with 61% of endowments including this strategy as part of their portfolio. (Source)

4) Newswire/ — Legendary entertainer Pat Boone and his wife, Shirley, longtime supporters of Pepperdine University, have funded a $3 million endowment in support of the University’s Center for the Family in Malibu. The Boones received Pepperdine’s 2006 Friends of the Family Award at its third annual Savvy Chic luncheon in Beverly Hills, Wednesday, Nov. 15 when the center was officially named in their honor.

In accepting the award with his wife at his side, Pat Boone said, “Except for our relationship with God himself, our family has been the most important relationship of our lives.” He added, “I don’t separate God and family because the family is God’s idea.” And of their gift naming Pepperdine’s Center for the Family, he noted, “We believe we are giving to God by giving to the family, which we believe he holds very, very dear.” (Source)

5) Mar 9, 1997 – Pepperdine University, seeking to refute reports that Richard Mellon Scaife, a controversial conservative publisher and financier, is the only major donor to its new School of Public Policy, has released a list of all contributors of over $25,000, including six who each gave more than $1 million.

The new figures show that Scaife was one of several major donors–contributing $1.35 million, or about 15% of the $9 million in start-up and endowment funds that the school has received. (Source)

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