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Oregon State University Foundation Endowment Fund

Name: Oregon State University Foundation

Assets Under Management: $563.3 Million (Source: Oregon State University Foundationon 6/30/2011)

Annual Report: The Oregon State University Foundation Consolidated Financial Statements June 30, 2011 and 2010

Portfolio Insights: “The Oregon State University Foundation (the Foundation) was incorporated in 1947 to encourage, receive, and administer gifts and bequests for the support of Oregon State University (the University). The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees with a membership of forty-one at June 30, 2011.

The Foundation places certain investments with investment managers who invest the funds in an investment pool (Pooled Investment Program). The Foundation is the only participant in the pool. Investment income and realized gains and losses on these pooled assets are allocated to the participating endowment funds. Each endowment fund is assigned a percentage of its prorated value to the market value of all assets at the time of entry into or liquidation from the pool.” (Source)

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Top Oregon State University Foundation Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Steve Schauble serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the OSU Foundation where he manages the financial infrastructure of the OSU Foundation. He oversees and provides professional audit, budgeting, financial management and accounting services in support of the Foundation’s mission. He also is responsible for cash management, investment tracking, accurate and timely financial reporting, expenditure control and a full array of other financial services.

Since arriving in June 2006, Mr. Schauble has completed a comprehensive analysis of the Foundation’s accounting systems and has put into practice improved reporting systems, streamlined processes, and updates to the organization’s accounting practices.

His departments are responsible for the oversight of the Foundation’s $16 million annual budget as well as processing and acknowledging more than $100 million in gifts every year. With more than 30 years of experience in higher education financial management, Mr. Schauble oversees the OSU Foundation’s endowment, its investments and works with the Foundation’s volunteer investment committee. He also orchestrates the management and liquidation of complex non-monetary gifts to the university, ensuring the donors’ wishes and university’s interests are exceeded. Prior to his tenure at the Foundation, Mr. Schauble served as the chief investment officer at the Washington State University Foundation. (Source)

2) The Oregon State University Foundation has promoted Shawn Scoville to executive vice president. Since February 2005 he has served as the foundation’s campaign director and senior vice president. In his new role, Scoville will take on greater responsibility for the strategic direction of the OSU Foundation, and will work closely with president J. Michael Goodwin on matters involving the Board of Trustees. He will continue to work in partnership with university academic leadership and with the OSU Alumni Association, and will provide executive leadership for the foundation’s operations in Portland.

“Over the last eight years, Shawn has been a driving force behind the tremendous success we have experienced with the $1 billion Campaign for OSU,” Goodwin said. “It’s a pleasure to recognize his outstanding work with this promotion and to look forward to what he will continue to accomplish for the OSU Foundation and the university we serve.” (Source)

3) Leaders of the Oregon State University Foundation and the North Dakota State University Development Foundation are the 2013 recipients of the CASE Commonfund Institutionally Related Foundation Awards. The awards recognize professionals who have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement, quality and effectiveness of their foundations and the sector. The recipients are:

J. Michael Goodwin, president and chief executive officer, Oregon State University Foundation. Goodwin has more than 30 years of experience in institutional advancement. He is currently leading Oregon State’s first comprehensive campaign. He has served on the CASE Board of Trustees since 2008 and is currently its treasurer.

James C. Miller, president and chief executive officer of the North Dakota State University Development Foundation. During his 30-year tenure at North Dakota State, Miller has transformed the once-fledging foundation into a model fundraising and alumni relations program. He has served on the CASE Board of Trustees, the CASE Commission on Philanthropy and the National Committee of Institutionally Related Foundations. (Source)

4) The Board of Trustees of the Oregon State University Foundation (“Board”) has adopted this Investment Policy to govern the investment of institutional funds held by the Oregon State University Foundation endowment fund and other assets commingled in the Foundation’s Pooled Investment Program (herein after collectively referred to as “the Fund”). This statement is set forth in order that the Trustees of the Oregon State University Foundation, the Investment Committee, Foundation staff, investment consultants, investment manager(s) and the Fund beneficiaries may be made aware of the policies of the Board with regard to the investment of the Fund’s assets, the investment objectives and the expectations and requirements with respect to the ongoing management of the Fund’s assets. (Source)

5) The $664 million Oregon State University Foundation will initiate a search for a hedge fund manager in June, OSUF President Jim Reinmuth said. The amount of the mandate has not yet been set, but it could be determined by the fund’s investment committee as early as May. Recommendations by the investment committee will be forwarded to the full board at a later date. The foundation is already diversified into alternatives, such as real estate, but it is attracted to the high-return potential of hedge funds, Reinmuth said. (Source)

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