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Oregon Health and Sciences University Foundation Endowment Fund

Name: Endowment Funds | OHSU Foundation

Assets Under Management: $215.5 Million (Source: Oregon Health and Sciences University Foundation on 6/30/2014)

Annual Report: Oregon Health and Sciences University Foundation’s FY 14

Portfolio Insights: “Within the total university operations component of operating income, gifts and endowment payouts are recorded when transferred from the Foundations to OHSU as program support. This tends to yield a more even flow of philanthropic revenues within this earnings metric.

Within the Foundations’ component of operating income, the contribution of program support to the University, together with the costs of running the Foundations, are recorded as operating expenses. These are largely funded by two sources: expendable gifts recorded as operating revenue, and investment income recorded as a nonoperating item. Over time, this can result in negative operating income on the Foundations’ statements, because operating expenses (program and support costs) are supported by both operating revenues (largely gifts) and nonoperating revenues (largely investment returns). This was the case in 2014 when the Foundations showed a net operating loss of ($7.5) million.” (Source)

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Top Oregon Health and Sciences University Foundation Headlines:

1) The OHSU Foundation is the primary fund raising and external relations arm of the University. Its mission is to build successful, sustainable relationships between OHSU and its constituents, secure private philanthropic support for OHSU and its programs, and invest and manage gifts responsibly in accordance with donors’ wishes. The Foundation aspires to set the standard for success, excellence, and integrity among fundraising organizations, and to continuously lay the groundwork for future fundraising success to help OHSU fulfill its own mission of excellence in healing, education, research, and public service.

The President of the OHSU Foundation serves as its Chief Executive Officer and reports to the OHSU Foundation Board of Trustees. The President also serves as the Chief Advancement Officer for the University and, as such, is a member of OHSU’s executive leadership team (ELT). The President will work with a capable and talented group of senior leaders at the Foundation and OHSU to build on its considerable achiev ements and reputation and marshal a new era of even greater fund-raising success. (Source)

2) In December of 2013, the OHSU Foundation signed the fifth largest gift it has ever received: A CLUT funded with $20 Million of Nike stock, with a projected value to the Foundation of nearly $28 Million. This session will walk through, chronologically, the origin of the gift, the attending circumstances, the questions raised and issues addressed during its development and implementation, and its ultimate benefit. (Source)

3) OHSU Foundation exists to secure private philanthropic support for Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and to invest and manage gifts responsibly in accordance with donors’ wishes. The OHSU Foundation aspires to set the standard for success, excellence and integrity among fund-raising organizations. Fundação OHSU existe para garantir o apoio filantrópica privada para Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) e para investir e gerenciar presentes de forma responsável, de acordo com os desejos dos doadores. A Fundação OHSU aspira a definir o padrão para o sucesso, excelência e integridade entre as organizações de angariação de fundos. (Source)

4) The OHSU Foundation’s Circle of Giving  is reaching out to community members with educational programs about research.  Susie Porter, Dr. Lisa Coussens, Patti Warner and Barry Menashe had a chance to catch up during one outreach gathering. It was held at the home of Sue and Barry Menashe in SW Portland. Dr. Sue Coussens explained her pioneering cancer researcher on the role of immune cells and their mediators as critical regulators of cancer development.

At the Coussens Lab researchers have found, “During the early development of cancer, many physiological processes occur in the vicinity of ‘young tumor cells’ that are similar to processes that occur during embryonic development and to healing of wounds in adult tissue, e.g., leukocyte recruitment and activation (inflammation), angiogenesis (development of new blood supply) and tissue remodeling. During tumor development however, instead of initiating a ‘healing’ response, activated leukocytes provide growth-promoting factors that typically help tumors grow. We are interested in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate leukocyte recruitment into neoplastic tissue, and the subsequent regulation those leukocytes exert on evolving cancer cells.” (Source)

5) OHSU Foundation interim president Constance French says the gift is “changing the game” in the field of cardiovascular medicine. OHSU physicians Albert Starr and Sanjiv Kaul will lead the project, aiming to confront the entire spectrum of cardiovascular disease, from prevention to regeneration of tissue after a heart attack. The gift is “changing the game” in the field of cardiovascular medicine, said Constance French, interim president of the OHSU Foundation.

The $125 million donation is the largest in OHSU history. Hospital spokeswoman Tamara Hargens-Bradley said the hospital has no plans yet to announce whether the institute will require new construction. (Source)

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