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Northwestern University Endowment Fund

Name: Northwestern University Endowment Fund

Assets Under Management:  $7.1 Billion (Source: CBS News)

Portfolio Allocation Insights:

“Northwestern’s endowment grew to $7.8 billion in Fiscal Year 2013, an increase of 9.2 percent from the previous year. The fund grew much faster than it did in FY2012, which saw a modest 2.5 percent increase. Will McLean, NU’s chief investment officer, attributed the performance primarily to favorable market conditions and a strong investment portfolio.”

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 Management Team:

Team Member Title
William H. McLean Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Maureen Fenty Business Administrator
John A. Capelli Managing Director of Investments
Peter A. Belytschko Managing Director, Absolute Return
Amy W. Diamond Managing Director, Private Investments and Real Assets

Contact Details:  For complete contact details for the Northwestern Endowment Fund investment staff please access your copy of our Endowment Database.

Background on the Northwestern University Endowment Fund:


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Top Northwestern Endowment Fund Headlines:

Northwestern sees significant endowment growth in Fiscal Year 2013

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Northwestern, U of C report smaller endowments

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