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North Dakota State University Development Foundation Endowment Fund

Name: NDSU Development Foundation Endowment

Assets Under Management: $226.6 Million (Source: NDSU Development Foundation on 12/31/2013)

Annual Report: Financial Statements December 31, 2013 and 2012 North Dakota State University Development Foundation

Portfolio Insights: “North Dakota State University Development Foundation (Foundation) is a North Dakota nonprofit corporation established for the purpose of providing financial and other assistance to North Dakota State University and management of related assets.

The Foundation’s endowment consists of approximately 1,050 individual funds established for a variety of purposes. The endowment includes donor-restricted endow ment funds and funds designated by the Board to function as endowments. As required by generally accepted accounting principles, net assets associated with endowment funds are classified and reported based on the existence or absence of donor-imposed restrictions.” (Source)

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Top North Dakota State University Development Foundation Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) One way for you to support North Dakota State University Development Foundation’s mission is to leave us a bequest. A bequest is a gift made to charity in your will or trust. One significant benefit of making a gift by bequest is that it allows you to continue to use the property you will leave to charity during your life. Another benefit is that by making a bequest you are able to leave a lasting legacy.

There are a number of ways you can make a bequest to North Dakota State University Development Foundation. You can leave what is called a specific bequest. A specific bequest involves making a gift of a specific asset such as real estate, a car, other property or a gift for a specific dollar amount. For example, you may wish to leave your home or $10,000 to North Dakota State University Development Foundation. (Source)

2) The NDSU Development Foundation Board of Trustee Endowment can provide maximum awards of $1,000, with a total of $4,500 available. It supports general programs across campus.

The NDSU Development Foundation Libraries Endowment has $3,000 available. It supports requests from any academic unit on campus for materials that will enhance the collections and/or operations of university libraries.

The NDSU Development Foundation Gordon A. Larson Agricultural Research Fund has $12,500 available for awards. This fund has no maximum award amount and supports competitive grants for agricultural research efforts conducted at NDSU. (Source)

3) The NDSU Development Foundation is offering major grants of $20,000 to $75,000 through the new NDSU Impact Fund Grant Program. Available to faculty, staff and recognized student groups, the program is funded by unrestricted contributions received from alumni, parents and friends, as well as proceeds from the annual Bison Bidders Bowl. “We anticipate applications from all across campus. We are looking for applications that will make a significant impact,” said John Wold, chair of the foundation’s Grants and Awards Committee. “This is very exciting. We’ll have significant amounts of money to support programs that will have some visibility and the foundation’s name will be attached to them.” Wold said possible applications might include, but not be limited to, speaker series featuring important national or international figures, significant lecture series, major workshops or equipment that has broad use. “We think this program is really a terrific possibility for our campus,” Wold said. “The NDSU Impact grants are on a much larger scale and order of magnitude than the committee has dealt with in the past.” (Source)

4) The North Dakota State University Development Foundation and Alumni Association creates opportunities to advance education, research, and service at the University. We work in close collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and alumni, along with businesses, different industries, and the community, to best understand and represent common interests. With the needs of the entire university in mind, we efficiently and effectively raise funds, manage assets, and administer other privately funded resources to stimulate continued development at NDSU. (Source)

5) The NDSU Development Foundation (the Foundation) acquires, holds and manages assets for the benefit of North Dakota State University. The Foundation Board of Trustees has a fiduciary responsibility to the Foundation’s donors and, in some instances, to the University to manage the assets (hold the principal in safekeeping, earn income and increase the principal value through appreciation) in a prudent fashion.

This policy statement provides a framework for the management of the endowed assets of the NDSU Development Foundation (the Endowment). Its purpose is to assist the Board of Trustees in effectively supervising and monitoring the investments of the E ndowment. The guidelines are designed to allow for sufficient flexibility in the management oversight process to capture investment opportunities as they may occur, while at the same time establishing reasonable risk control parameters to ensure prudence and care in the execution of the investment program. (Source)

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