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Nazareth College Endowment Fund

Name: Nazareth College

Assets Under Management: $172.1 Million (Source: Nazareth College on 6/30/2014)

Annual Report: Nazareth College Annual Report 2013–2014

Portfolio Insights: “The mission of Nazareth College is to provide a learning community that educates students in the liberal arts, sciences, visual and performing arts, and professional fields, fostering commitment to a life informed by intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and aesthetic values; to develop skills necessary for the pursuit of meaningful careers; and to inspire dedication to the ideal of service to their communities. Nazareth seeks students who want to make a difference in their own world and the world around them, and encourages them to develop the understanding, commitment, and confidence to lead fully informed and actively engaged lives.” (Source)

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Top Nazareth College Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) John Fisher College and Nazareth College have partnered with TLI to create the Rochester Participatory Research Collaborative that allows TLI students to work with college students and professors to conduct scholarly research. Through this opportunity, TLI students have shared their research findings at various national educational conferences. The TLI Senior Seminar is part of the Monroe Community College dual credit program, allowing TLI seniors to gain college credit while still in high school. (Source)

2) Daan Braveman, the ninth president of Nazareth College, is a Rochester, N.Y., native. Braveman graduated from the University of Rochester in 1969 and obtained his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1972. He served as law clerk to Justice Samuel J. Roberts of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and then worked as an attorney for the Greater Upstate Law Project located in Rochester. While at the Project he was engaged in civil rights litigation throughout New York State.

Braveman joined Syracuse University College of Law in 1977 and served as Dean from 1994–2002. During his tenure, he taught courses in civil procedure, civil rights, constitutional law, federal courts, and federal Indian law, and was one of the founders and directors of the Public Interest Law Firm at the Law College. He has published many articles and books on constitutional law, civil rights, legal education, and federal Indian law. In 2003, he was one of seven candidates nominated by the New York State Commission on Judicial Nomination for position as Associate Judge of the New York Court of Appeals. (Source)

3) In celebration of its upcoming 90th anniversary, Nazareth College aims to establish 90 new endowed funds by fall 2014. With 74 endowments committed since the start of the Campaign for College and Community, only 16 endowed funds remain to reach that goal and help keep Nazareth strong for the next 90 years and more.

“Gifts to endowed scholarships and funds are invested, with a portion of the interest awarded each year, to provide support in perpetuity and provide a lasting legacy,” explains Margaret Cass Ferber, vice president for finance and treasurer. “Endowed funds support the needs of our students today while preserving funds for the students of tomorrow.” Funds from the endowment are also vital because they reduce dependence on tuition and create a more financially sound institution. (Source)

4) The Nazareth College Department of Psychology is proud to announce that Assistant Professor, David W. Steitz, Ph.D, has been named treasurer and member of the executive committee for the State Society on Aging of New York. Steitz, of Fairport, is the director of Nazareth’s Gerontology Program.

The State Society on Aging (SSA) of New York is an interdisciplinary membership society. SSA brings together individuals and groups from health, government, educational and community settings committed to improving the quality of life for older New Yorkers through education, research, service, and advocacy.

The State Society on Aging of New York was founded in 1972 as the New York State Association of Gerontological Educators (NY SAGE). Since its formation it has provided leadership in the field of aging, especially in promoting gerontology and geriatrics education. In 1989, the organization officially changed its name to The State Society on Aging of New York, Inc., recognizing its changing membership and its role as the foremost interdisciplinary organization in the state. While education remains a primary concern, SSA welcomes the contributions of all those interested in any aspect of aging. (Source)

5) Nazareth College participates in St Vincent de Paul’s mini vinnies, where college students work with different local primary schools to raise social justice awareness and generate funds for those in need. The initiative is part of the Mini Vinnies program, where Nazareth students from Years 5 to 9 work with primary schools to increase social justice awareness and generate money for those in need. For the past two years, the cluster of schools has donated to St Vincent de Paul’s volunteer tutoring program for disadvantaged young people, held at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Dandenong on Saturdays. Last Thursday, students from the seven schools got together to brainstorm ideas and meet with St Vincent de Paul representatives. Nazareth cluster co-ordinator Guiliana Faiola said it was something the students looked forward to each year. (Source)

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