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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Endowment Fund

Name:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investment Management Company

Assets Under Management:  $15 Billion (Source:MIT)


Portfolio Allocation Insights:

“The firm seeks to invest a minimum of $5 million per partnership and has a net internal rate of return target of 20%. It makes its alternative investments in buyouts/corporate finance; direct investments in distressed debt and turnarounds; energy, oil, and gas; hedge funds; international private equity; limited partnership secondaries; real estate; and venture capital.”  (Source)

Management Team:

Team Member Title
Seth Alexander President
Daniel T. Steele Managing Director of Private Equity
Kathryn J. Crecelius Managing Director for Marketable Alternative Investments
Kimon G Pandapas Director of Private Equity
Debra Cobb Manager of Investment Administration


Contact Details:  For complete contact details for the MIT Endowment Fund investment staff please access your copy of our Endowment Database.

Background on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Endowment Fund:


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Top MIT Endowment Fund Headlines:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investment Management Company (MITIMCo) announced today that MIT’s unitized pool of endowment and other MIT funds generated an investment return of 11.1 percent during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. At the end of that fiscal year, MIT’s endowment funds totaled $11 billion, including pledges. The goal of MIT’s endowment is to support current and future generations of MIT scholars with the resources they need. As such, endowment funds are used for Institute activities including education, research, capital projects, faculty work and student financial aid. The Institute’s need-blind undergraduate admissions policy ensures that an MIT education is accessible to all qualified candidates regardless of financial resources. MIT provides financial aid to meet the full cost of an MIT education, based on the calculated need of the family. In 2012-13, the average financial aid award for need-based-aid recipients was $40,952. Currently, 61 percent of MIT undergraduates receive need-based financial aid, and 32 percent of MIT students receive scholarship funding sufficient to cover the total cost of tuition. (Source)

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