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Harvey Mudd College Endowment Fund

Name: Harvey Mudd College

Assets Under Management: $416 Million (Source: Harvey Mudd College on 6/30/2013)

Annual Report: Harvey Mudd College Audited Financial Statements 2012–2013

Portfolio Insights: “Founded in 1955, Harvey Mudd College (the “College”) is a premier independent liberal arts college that seeks to educate engineers, scientists, and mathematicians, well versed in all of these areas and in the humanities and the social sciences so that they may assume leadership in their fields with a clear understanding of the impact of their work on society.

The College is a nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and corresponding California provisions. The primary purpose of the accounting and reporting is for resources received and applied rather than the determination of net income.” (Source)

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Top Harvey Mudd College Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Through Harvey Mudd College’s endowment, donors can provide permanent support for programs of their choice. Each year, approximately 20-25 percent of the College’s operating budget is derived from the endowment, providing an ongoing revenue stream to support current activities while also preserving the endowment’s value for future generations. Programs supported by the College’s endowment distributions include scholarships, professorships, fellowships, prizes and support for research and experiential learning opportunities. (Source)

2) Harvey Mudd College is a fairly young college (founded in 1955) with an unfamiliar name that has quickly become a leading science and engineering school. Although it’s classified as a liberal arts institution—it comes in at No. 1 on our liberal arts list—the college offers only B.S. degrees in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics. Mudders do take a healthy dose of humanities and social science courses as part of the core curriculum. And they can enroll in any classes offered by the other Claremont Colleges: Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps. (Source)

3) Harvey Mudd jumped five spots from last year’s ranking. The college is ranked #44 by Forbes and #18 for colleges by US News.

“Harvey Mudd College provides a challenging cross-curriculum education that challenges a student, pushes them to the limit, and doesn’t reward them with grade inflation when they are done. What is does reward them with is the ability to master any challenge that comes their way, to collaborate with colleagues in a productive way, and innovate in ways no one thought possible. That is what Harvey Mudd does for its students.” (Source)

4) Harvey Mudd College is committed to sustainability through a formal policy signed by the president. A sustainability committee has appointed an official sustainability coordinator, finalized a greenhouse gas emissions audit, and implemented environmentally friendly transportation policies. The college purchases a large variety of Energy Star products, including appliances, lighting, fans, and computers, as well as paper products made from postconsumer recycled materials. (Source)

5) Nov 11, 2008 – Harvey Mudd College reports it is getting the largest donation in its 53-year history: $25 million. College officials announced Monday that R. Michael Shanahan and his wife Mary gave the gift. Shanahan has been a member of the college’s board of trustees since 1992, and was chairman of the board from 1998 to 2006. The couple previously gave the math, science, engineering and liberal arts college $10 million. The $25 million gift will be donated within five years, propelling a plan dubbed “HMC 2020: Envisioning the Future.” The gift’s first portion, about $12.5 million, was received in October. (Source)

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