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Gettysburg College Endowment Fund

Name: Gettysburg College Investment Group

Assets Under Management: $261.5 Million (Source: Gettysburg College on 5/31/2013)

Annual Report: Gettysburg College 2013 Endowment Report

Portfolio Insights: “Gettysburg College’s Endowment was established through the generosity of generations of donors that shared a common desire to advance the C ollege’s mission in perpetuity. At May 31, 2013, the College’s endowment consisted of over 600 individual funds with an aggregate market value of approximately $261.6 million. Since the beginning of the millennium, the College’s endowment has provided over $100 million in support of Gettysburg’s programs and student financial assistance.

We encourage endowment giving from alumni, parents and friends because the funding supports our core mission of delivering the best possible liberal arts education to our students of today and tomorrow.” (Source)

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Top Gettysburg College Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Gettysburg College has benefitted over the years and continues to benefit from the income of funds contributed to the College’s endowment. Income from unrestricted endowment funds may be used for the general purpose of the College or for any special purposes; income from restricted endowment funds is used solely for the purpose specified by the donor. The generous support of the donors listed below has been vital to the continuing success of the College. (Source)

2) Gettysburg College has earned its strong academic reputation. Since its founding in 1832, the College has upheld a rigorous commitment to the liberal arts in all their breadth and depth. On a beautiful campus in a world-famous town, 2,600 students discover their intellectual passion through more than 68 academic programs.

There are no bystanders here. Students prepare for leadership through experiential learning opportunities, an extensive career network, and countless co-curricular, service, and off-campus study activities. Accessible professors: 10 to 1 student-faculty ratio; average class size of 18. (Source)

3) Gettysburg College is a beautiful place to explore. Its tree-lined walkways and stately buildings echo its legacy as a liberal arts institution, set in one of America’s best-known small towns. Our history is intertwined with some of our nation’s most defining moments; as a result, we have a heightened awareness of the responsibilities of citizenship in this special place where one of the Civil War’s defining battles took place and where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his healing words to a divided nation.

Our mission statement identifies us as an undergraduate college committed to a liberal education that prepares students to be active leaders and participants in a changing world. We provide an academic experience that is designed to challenge and engage each of our 2600 students. (Source)

4) Gettysburg College is a highly-ranked liberal arts college located in the historic town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The college has a strong teaching focus with a roughly 11 to 1 student / faculty ratio and an average class size of 18. Gettysburg’s strengths in the liberal arts and sciences have earned the college a chapter of the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa honor society. With a new athletic center, a music conservatory, a professional performing arts center and an institute on public policy, Gettysburg offers its students a wide array of rewarding social and educational experiences. In athletics, the Gettysburg Bullets compete in the NCAA Division III Centennial Conference. The college fields eleven men’s and eleven women’s intercollegiate sports. (Source)

5) The Gettysburg Investment Group is a unique organization where students control a diverse portfolio of equity securities. Its purpose is to teach students about investing and develop their knowledge of finance through active management of capital. Gettysburg Investment Group strives toward the highest returns while taking on an appropriate amount of risk. Not only is financial success based upon financial benchmarks (i.e. S&P 500), other collegiate equity fund performance and Gettysburg’s asset management, but the real value of Gettysburg Investment Group lies within the education and hands on experience participants will receive. Gettysburg Investment Group aims to materialize capital appreciation by recognizing that companies are undervalued in various markets and investing appropriately following in depth analysis and research. (Source)

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