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Earlham College Endowment Fund

Name: Earlham College Endowment

Assets Under Management: $405 Million (Source: Earlham College on 6/30/2014)

Annual Report: Earlham’s Collegiate Profile

Portfolio Insights: “Earlham is among the 40 select Colleges That Change Lives. We are ranked among the nation’s top 10 liberal arts colleges for commitment to teaching excellence. Earlham ranks 6th in the nation for the percentage of international students on campus — 18%. Of Earlham’s teaching faculty, 85% report having conducted research with students. In the last 10 years, Earlhamites have won 25 Fulbright awards and 11 Watson Fellowships — two of the most prestigious grants for international study. 100% of Earlham students complete immersion experiences before graduation, including research, internships and off-campus study.” (Source)

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Top Earlham College Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Phil Morgan, CFA, is Chief Investment Officer for the Earlham College Foundation, with responsibility for administering the endowment portfolio. Prior to joining Earlham, he was Senior Director, Private Equity for a division of AEGON Asset Management. Previously, he was Senior Retail Analyst and Credit Manager for Simon Property Group. Phil is a CFA Charterholder. He earned an MBA in Finance from Butler University and an undergraduate business degree from Indiana University. (Source)

2) Earlham College is committed to sustainability through a formal policy. An environmental committee that includes three students has worked on a number of initiatives, such as joining sustainability tracking programs, performing a greenhouse gas emissions audit, and creating sustainability brochures to raise awareness on campus. The college frequently purchases Energy Star-certified products. (Source)

3) Earlham College is a four-year co-educational, residential liberal arts college, founded in 1847 by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). There are 1,180 students and more than 100 faculty members. Much of the unique teaching and extra curricular activities at Earlham College are heavily laboured and capital intensive, thus the college is heavily dependant upon the finances of the endowment and gifts to the college. Gift and endowment income already provide the college with the ability to offer a far richer educational program than if were solely dependent upon tuition revenue. The endowment generates over USD 8 million a year to support the College’s academic programs and scholarships beyond the amount gained from tuition charges. (Source)

4) Feb 28, 2005 – Earlham College’s investment committee is gearing up to start searching for private equity and venture capital opportunities in its drive to raise its alternatives allocation to 20% from 14%. (Source)

5) Earlham College stands for quality in higher education. Given our dynamic environment, it is important for us to establish a unified set of guidelines that results in a strong visual identity for the College as a whole. These resources will provide you with the basic standards for the College’s brand identity system. Used with care and imagination, these tools will ensure that Earlham College will retain impact and consistency in its communications. (Source)

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