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Davidson College Endowment Fund

Name: Davidson College Investment Office

Assets Under Management: $1.023 Billion (Source: Davidson College on 6/30/2014)

Annual Report: The Trustees of Davidson College Financial Statements June 30, 2014

Portfolio Insights: “The Trustees of Davidson College (the College), a nonprofit North Carolina corporation based in Davidson, North Carolina, was founded by Presbyterians in 1837. It is a private, four-year coeducational college of the liberal arts with an enrollment of over 1,900 students.

Gains and losses on investments are generally reported as increases or decreases in temporarily restricted net assets when either time restricted or restricted by explicit external stipulations. However, when such losses result in the market value of a donor-
restricted endowment fund declining below the related historic dollar value, the difference between the market and historic dollar values is reflected within unrestricted net assets.” (Source)

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Top Davidson College Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Davidson College has received a $6 million gift from the Duke Endowment to support scholarships over the next three years. Those funds will assist the private college in Davidson in its efforts to recruit and enroll students from across the country, regardless of their financial background.

“At Davidson, we know that even as we strive to control costs, demand for financial aid will continue to grow,” Davidson College President Carol Quillen said in a news release. “In an economy where wealth is increasingly concentrated and access to a highly selective college remains a powerful driver of economic opportunity, we must ensure that all admitted students can seize the opportunity Davidson provides.” (Source)

2) The $160 million Davidson College endowment fund, Davidson, N.C., is studying ways to reduce its domestic equity exposure, said Robert Norfleet, vice president-business and finance. He said the fund, which has more than 60% in domestic equities, is considering increasing its exposure to European and emerging markets equities, among other ideas he declined to discuss.

The fund now has only a tiny amount in these two areas; he didn’t want to give the exact amount. He said trustees will review ideas in April. The fund is doing the study in-house. (Source)

3) Davidson College opened its doors in 1837 to educate leaders for the church, the region and for the nation, goals from which it has never swerved.

Davidson is proud of its educational tradition as a community of scholars, of its beautiful and modern campus, and particularly of the men who have come to the campus, studied and gone to responsibilities around the world. They are identified often as dedicated individuals seeking the exceptional values demonstrated when man works to the good of other men, values which have their origin in the Christian liberal arts approach to life, the basis of education at Davidson College. (Source)

4) Davidson College in North Carolina has announced a $45 million gift from the Duke Endowment in support of a ten-year construction project scheduled to begin in 2013. The largest gift in the school’s history will support the renovation of six buildings representing the academic heart of campus and contribute to new opportunities for curricular expansion. Once completed, the renovated academic “neighborhood” will offer common areas designed to encourage the exchange and generation of ideas across departments, disciplines, and between the arts and sciences. (Source)

5) Davidson College is a nationally recognized, highly selective independent liberal arts college located just outside Charlotte, NC, in the town of Davidson. Enrollment is 1,700 students, and to date, Davidson students have garnered 23 Rhodes Scholarships. The intimate, picturesque 450-acre campus in a small town setting provides a nurturing and supportive environment for talented young Duke TIP participants. (Source)

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