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Bradley University Endowment Fund

Name: Bradley University

Assets Under Management: $629 Million (Source: Bradley University on 5/31/2014)

Annual Report: Bradley University Financial Statements May 31, 2014 and 2013

Portfolio Insights: “Bradley University (the “University”) provides educational opportunities to qualified students from throughout the world. The University prepares its financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, which require classification of net assets and revenues, expenses, gains, and losses based on the absence or existence of donor-imposed restrictions into three categories.

Investments in equity securities with readily determinable fair values and all investments in debt securities are presented at fair value. Investments in farms are stated at appraised value while other real estate investments are stated at acquisition cost or, for gifts, at fair value on the date of receipt. Endowment funds are accounted for with a unitized accounting system. Individual funds within the investment pool are assigned units based on their proportionate share of the investments in the pool. (Source)

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Top Bradley University Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) San Francisco-based The Bernard Osher Foundation awarded Bradley University a $1 million endowment to continue lifelong learning at Bradley University. The announcement was made by campus officials on Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

“The progress the Institute has made since receiving its initial support from the Foundation…has been outstanding, and we congratulate you…on your remarkable achievements,” said Osher Foundation President Mary Bitterman.

The endowment funds will be invested by Bradley University with the resulting interest being used to partially fund salaries and other costs to support OLLI. This gift will enable Bradley to direct resources to increase programs and services for new and existing OLLI members. (Source)

2) Bradley University on Thursday announced a $150 million fundraising campaign to expand and renovate existing facilities and to create a new business and engineering center and to strengthen its endowment. This campaign comes at a time when the university is in the middle of construction a new student recreation center.

As much Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo were a part of the rebirth of arts in the late Middle Ages, Bradley University hopes a transformed campus and curriculum will create a Renaissance of its own. (Source)

3) Bradley University announced Monday that Bradley alumnus Robert Turner has been elected chairman to the University’s Board of Trustees. Turner has been a member of the Board since 1998. He was raised in Yates City, Illinois. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting in 1977 and a MBA the following year. Turner is the the chairman and chief investment officer of Turner Investments LP in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, a firm he co-founded in 1990. The Board of Trustees also elected Douglas S. Stewart, regional president of PNC, its vice chairman. He has served on the board since 2003 and has been chairman of the Advancement Committee since 2007, and member of the Student Affairs and Executive committees. Stewart earned an MBA from Bradley in 1979. He is a resident of Germantown Hills, Illinois. (Source)

4) Bradley University was awarded $4,500 for: Center for Fitness and Function from the Lee L. and Mary Morgan Endowment Fund and the Norma M. and Keith G. Johnson Charitable Fund. (Source)

5) The Endowment Fund is proud to announce the recipients of the fall 2005 national scholarships and awards. The awards total $38,500 – part of over $250,000 awarded annually to deserving graduate and undergraduate students nationwide.

The Ralph “Dud” Daniel Leadership Award recognizes a member who has made outstanding leadership contributions to his chapter, campus and community. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required to apply, but the applicant’s leadership accomplishments, rather than GPA, are the primary factors in the award. Leadership outside the chapter setting is most important. (Source)

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