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Bowling Green State University Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund

Name: BGSU Foundation Strategic Plan

Assets Under Management: $148.1 Million (Source: Bowling Green State University Foundation on 8/6/2014)

Annual Report: The Bowling Green State University Foundation, Inc. and Subsidiary, Bowling Green, Ohio, Consolidated Financial Statements June 30, 2014 and 2013

Portfolio Insights: “The consolidated financial statements include accounts of The Bowling Green State University Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) and The Bowling Green State University Foundation LLC (the Corporation). Significant intercompany accounts and transactions have been eliminated.

Investments of the Foundation include cash equivalents, corporate stocks, equity securities, fixed income funds, mutual funds and various alternative investment strategies. The Foundation records investments in cash equivalents, corporate stocks, equity securities, corporate bond funds, and mutual funds at their current fair values based on quoted market prices in active markets for identical assets, which is consistent with Level 1 in the hierarchy.” (Source)

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Top Bowling Green State University Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) The Bowling Green State University Foundation, Inc. presents its strategic plan for 2012 to 2015. The strategic plan is designed to coincide with and support the strategic priorities of Bowling Green State University and aims to provide opportunities to support the mission of the University and to enhance its academic and athletic reputation.

The strategic plan represents an innovative and ambitious outline for the next three years. While many of the strategic goals are modifications of past practices, the mission remains the same – to support and enhance the University’s academic, athletic and programmatic priorities and endeavors, and to effectively steward donors. (Source)

2) Bowling Green State University Foundation Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) organization located in Bowling Green, OH and is focused in Fundraising and Endowment fund or financial services. (Source)

3) Marcia Sloan Latta, vice president for the Bowling Green State University Foundation, Inc. and senior associate vice president for advancement at BGSU, is DePauw University’s new vice president for advancement.  Latta has worked in the advancement field for more than 25 years and has held positions in alumni affairs, public relations, development and community relations.  Her appointment, announced today by DePauw President Brian W. Casey, is effective January 20, 2011.

Latta will take over for Christopher Wells, who has served as interim vice president for development and alumni relations since March 1.  Wells continues in his role as vice president for communications and strategic initiatives.  DePauw’s development and alumni relations division will now be known as advancement. (Source)

4) A member of the Alumni Board of Directors is appointed to hold the position based on demonstrated involvement, support and commitment to BGSU and the Alumni Association. In accepting this four-year appointment, the member agrees to fulfill the requirements and meet the responsibilities associated with board membership. (Source)

5) The Bowling Green State University Foundation completed its first major comprehensive campaign, the Building Dreams Centennial Campaign for Bowling Green State University, in December 2008. This causal-comparative study sought to determine what motivates individuals to become major donors to a public university. The campaign was very successful in exceeding its fundraising goal of $120 million by raising a total of $146.5 million. The campaign also involved 36,000 new donors to BGSU. In total, 310 individuals and 115 corporations and foundations each gave in excess of $25,000 – the threshold amount necessary to be considered a major donor at BGSU (BGSU Foundation, Inc. Annual Report, 2009). (Source)

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