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Berry College, Inc. Endowment Fund

Name: The Berry College Campaign for Opportunity

Assets Under Management: $925 Million (Source: Berry College, Inc. on 6/30/2014)

Annual Report: Berry College Fact Book 2012-2013

Portfolio Insights: “Berry College is a comprehensive liberal-arts college with Christian values. The college furthers our students’ intellectual, moral and spiritual growth; proffers lessons that are gained from worthwhile work done well; and challenges them to devote their learning to community and civic betterment. Berry emphasizes an educational program committed to high academic standards, values based on Chris tian principles, practical work experience and community service in a distinctive environment of natural beauty. It is Berry’s goal to make an excellent private liberal-arts education accessible to talented students from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds.” (Source)

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Top Berry College, Inc. Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Berry College is a comprehensive Located near Rome, in Floyd County, Berry College is a private liberal arts school that enrolls approximately 1,700 undergraduate and 200 graduate students annually.Berry College liberal arts college located just north of Rome. Founded by Martha Berry, the college was one of several “Berry Schools” that were established to provide poor children in the north Georgia mountains with the opportunity to earn an education. Though the others have long closed, the college continues to enjoy a reputation as a respected regional institution. (Source)

2) The Sustainability Committee at Berry College completed a climate action plan in 2010 and has worked to implement programs related to energy, transportation, and waste reduction. The Office of Environmental Compliance & Sustainability (ECoS) employs a full-time director of sustainability. The college regularly purchases Energy Star-rated appliances and equipment, environmentally preferable paper products, and EPEAT-certified computers and printers. (Source)

3)  To understand Berry College today and to project its future one must know its past. Berry is many things: beautiful campus, fine facilities, excellent programs–but most important, Berry is people. This institution has been blessed by the involvement of fine, strong human beings in a constant stream since its founding. Berry’s history is a warm and wonderful story of people.

When Berry was founded at the turn of the century the South was still recovering from dislocations of the Civil War which caused this region to lag in economic development and in the education of its citizens. The handful of public high schools in Georgia were located in larger cities and towns. Rural youth completed elementary grades in one-room, one-teacher schools, but only if the young people were fortunate enough to be nearby and free of the necessity to help full-time at home. (Source)

4) At Berry College, we focused on a plan that supports our interest in further improving and developing opportunities for High Impact Engagement practices while also developing a “Berry DQP” that emphasizes the genuinely unique aspects of a Berry education. (Source)

5) For more than a century, Berry College has emphasized the importance of a comprehensive and balanced education that unites a challenging academic program with opportunities for meaningful work experience, spiritual and moral growth, and significant service to others. This commitment to providing a firsthand educational experience–expressed as “Head, Heart and Hands” by college founder Martha Berry–remains just as relevant today as it was when the institution was founded in 1902. Berry is an independent, coeducational college of approximately 2,100 students that offers undergraduate degree programs in the sciences, humanities, arts and social sciences, as well as undergraduate and master’s level opportunities in business and teacher education. Students are encouraged to enrich their academic studies through participation in an on-campus work experience program, and more than 90 percent take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience prior to graduation. The Berry College Archives is located on the 2nd floor of Memorial Library on the Berry College campus. (Source)

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