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Ball State University Foundation Endowment Fund

Name: Ball State University Foundation

Assets Under Management: $936.6 Million (Source: Ball State University Foundation on 6/30/2013)

Annual Report: Ball State University’s Financial Report Year Ended June 30, 2013

Portfolio Insights: “The net investment in capital assets of the University accounts for $425.9 million of its net position. In addition, the University had other net positions totaling $292.0 million as of June 30, 2013. This included $21.7 million in restricted net position which was comprised of: $1.2 million in nonexpendable endowment restricted for student scholarships, $6.4 million restricted for debt service, $2.9 million restricted for student loans, $7.7 million restricted for construction, and $3.5 million restricted for external grants. Restricted net position decreased by $9.5 million, primarily due to the utilization of bond proceeds on the Central Campus Academic Renovation and geothermal conversion projects.

Aside from capital assets and restricted net position, the remaining $270.3 million of net position is in unrestricted net position. Unrestricted net position is not subject to externally imposed restrictions. However, the unrestricted net position is internally restricted for specific authorized purposes at the end of each fiscal year.” (Source)

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Top Ball State University Foundation Endowment Fund Headlines:

1) Ball State University’s endowment grew from $172 million to $192 million in fiscal year 2014, which ended June 30 — several weeks after the disclosure of an investment scandal.

“It was a very solid year for contributions, an excellent year for investment returns and a good year for support of the university and projects we are doing,” said Thomas Heck, chief investment officer of the Ball State University Foundation.

“With the decline in state support … we have to keep tuition reasonable,” Heck said. “Private support for the university has a big impact. It helps provide scholarships, faculty compensation and athletic facilities that are important to university life.”

The foundation’s return on money invested in global equities and other assets was 17.3 percent for the year. (Source)

2) The $220 million Ball State University Foundation is turning to middle-market buyout funds to fill out its private equity commitments next year. The school has a 15% target allocation to private equity and is planning to commit roughly $8 million in the area next year. It is now keeping a keen eye on middle-market opportunities as opposed to investing in some of the large buyout funds, explained Tom Heck, cio. (Source)

3) The Ball State Purchasing Services Office provides an extensive and diverse set of services to the University. The primary goal of our office is to regulate responsible purchasing practices to assure the successful acquisition of goods and services. Our staff provides a responsible, helpful business environment providing timely results while adhering to the National Association of Educational Procurement code of ethics.

At Ball State, our approach to purchasing is to provide the most appropriate resources for vendors, employees, and the public concerning our purchasing processes.

The Purchasing Office will foster cost-effective, quality purchases of goods and services to university customers by using the expertise of all staff involved with purchasing throughout the university and by employing innovative methods in contract negotiations and buying initiatives. (Source)

4) As one of Ball State University’s administrative offices, the Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs oversees the academics of the university, and is here to serve the faculty as well.

Our office is responsible for assisting with the creation and implementation of the university’s strategic plan, immersive learning efforts, and curriculum of the seven academic colleges that make up the university. In addition, we handle some policy issues. For example, on our site you have access to forms you can download on the intellectual property policy, conflict of interest, and pecuniary interest, to name a few. Questions about promotion and tenure and special leave are also answered here.

Ball State is known for attracting top-flight educators, and its always a pleasure to honor you during our awards ceremonies. Our faculty members are outstanding, which serves as a fitting name for our fall faculty awards. We honor outstanding teachers, faculty, administrators, and researchers. In the spring, we honor our retirees, whom we call “Omegas,” for their years of service to the university and education. (Source)

5) The Ball State University Foundation is researching hedge fund, private equity and real estate strategies as it considers ways to fully fund–and possibly increase–its16% target allocation to alternative investments. Tom Heck, treasurer at the $150 million fund, said consideration for the alternatives boost was spurred in part by the recent hiring of Hammond Associates as its first consultant in five. (Source)

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